Cecilia BruzzoneCecilia Bruzzone

I work aiming to support each individual in a holistic way, to take charge of his or her own self-healing journey, combining techniques and adapting the treatment to meet the individual needs of each person. I incorporate Nature elements to enhance and deepen the effect of the treatments as and when is appropriate. I might also give advice of what other treatments could be of help.

Originally from Colombia and with a background in arts; once I discovered the field of complementary therapies and their importance I knew this was a path I needed to explore, and so far It has changed me and I have grown though it in ways I could not have imagined. I am deeply grateful and honoured to be able to work with people in this profession.

After intuitively practicing massage, I went on to study ITEC Holistic Massage At Morley College in London.

Through my massage practice I became increasingly aware of the energetic exchange not only in massage but also in our daily interactions with each other and with our environment. Here, I found Usui Reiki and crystals were excellent aids to my own self-healing and I decided to become a Reiki practitioner, and trained as a Crystal therapist to diploma level. I now incorporate these into my practice wherever suitable.

I then qualified in C&G Level 3 Diploma in Professional Aromatherapy at Morley College in London; learning the art of blending essential oils, which has helped me integrate and expand my practice. Just as life is a continuous learning process, I am still learning and expanding my practice.


“I’m totally blissed out and relaxed after another wonderful massage by Cecilia. She created beautifully balanced aromatherapy oils and blended them with her nurturing touch and soft hands to give me the best massage I’ve had in ages. Her pressure and strokes were all spot on and I loved the sense of connected-ness that she maintains throughout the treatment”. Sarah, Bristol

After each Crystal Therapy session I felt so much happier, much more content than ever before. The deepest healing for me was on emotional level, she is very gentle, guided me to create balance and renew my energy-level. Through the therapy you can let emotions expressed and release, It is a totally wonderful discovery, Muchas gracias!;) I would recommend this form of treatment for anybody, who is looking for something intense, surprising  but soft. Anna, Bristol

“Cecilia conducts her self in a very professional maner, she shows respect and is very attentive to my needs. She is wonderful and careful when providing comfort and always made sure I was feeling warm and comfortable. The treatments I received from Cecilia have been effective, easing pain and tensions and enabling me to sleep better and focus in my every day life”. Colomba, London

“I found Cecilia to be extremely profesional in all aspects of her work.She clearly explained the oils that where being used and their properties. I found over the treatments the areas I had pain with reduced significantly. The actual treatment was excellent and incredibly relaxing as well as very helpful in reaching the aches, pains and strains of life.” Phil, London

“Cecilia was really professional and made me feel comfortable at all times. I felt she knew exactly what pressure on what point of the body was needed and I got to realize more than ever where I am storing tension in my body. I would happily recommend her to anyone.” Anita, London

“I’ve been having massages from Cecilia over the past 5 years and have felt a great benefit, especially in my lower back and across the shoulders where I had stored a lot of tension. Every session was very relaxing and restorative. Cecilia is very dedicated to her work and my only complaint is that she has moved to Bristol and is not around to give me a massage on a regular basis.” Ian, London

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